Hypnosis: Chapter One

“The answer is not without; it’s within. Stop seeking the matter elsewhere. Look into yourself and you shall know the truth that rests within you.”

Lyle could not. Instead he looked around the walls of the room. At the objects on the desk. The eyes of his inquisitor.

“Most people close their eyes when they seek to see inside themselves. Why don’t you close your eyes now?”

He wouldn’t, couldn’t. Who knows what would happen in those moments Lyle’s eyes were shut? He blinked at a malaise that began to grab hold of his eyes. The words of the inquisitor were too much, they were forming molasses in his ears and blocking the canal, reverberating against Lyle’s ear drum in a slow and rhythmic, measured way.

“Come now. Stay a while. You should like what you’ve to see next. It shall be most illuminating.”

Lyle drifted off into a hallucinatory state triggered by a combination of hypnosis and severe, prolonged pain. Hypnotizing him was not a particularly difficult feat considering he’d been tortured for three days by this inquisitor, at his bequest. The colors he saw were just the beginning.


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