I Bought the Rights or Hades in Springtime

From right behind you I bought the rights, reapplied the adverse pining and brought you into the high-rise,

the performed advice, that labors on longevity,

that breathes for brevity, for  that tease, Persephone,

that peach trimmed prim and proper, powdered pertly, fairly pampered,

he who makes her want to draw near when she’s keener just to scamper,

look for answers I think she’s chanced on in the depth behind her eyes,

Poised positions in the kitchen, deftly switching between batter and the breathless banter,

hottened by the throb of electricity that’s exhaust from the work of blood into his vessels,

suddenly made special, held hardily against chest for the next six months,

but then it’s nonce, when you go back topside and visit your mom’s.


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