Who Am I?

Who am I to say
that these changes should be made today?
I am just carbon configured in this frame,
just massive fascination coiled inside a, relatively, tiny brain.

Craving fame, chasing beer
year after year, to quell the fear
of aging, maintaining the same status quo,
don’t you know? Some labels just expose the low.

Conquering crow, carnivorous of carrion,
A harried son, a well-polished passion,
Platinum plated pattern on the patent nomer:
Word Splay,
When the phrases he embellishes play as more than just a list:

Stallion that can wrangle,
angles, shambled by the letters on the pages persuaded to degrade and dangle.

Deliberate, darning care to composition,
that cracked a form, that forced a norm,
that couldn’t care less of a
word’s collision.

Dastardly, delusions, destined for dalliance in a death-game,
just a frame for unfortunate claims to fame, because
Clever’s cornball as
Chloride and sulfide are chemicals you might try to not imbibe,
As sure as Special Relativity, does the universe,  describe…relatively.

Creatively cobbles Cool Whip into castles,
haven’t found a word big enough I couldn’t wrassle,
So I hate to hassle you but you’d better believe,
Today with the prize you’re not going to leave,
Because birds and bees are as able as a limerick,
from the lips that were quick, that smooth talk silkily,
that got her wriggly, wetting the deck,
and wholly unrepentant.

Hold the applause while I wrought the clause and end this conversation for you,
pawing at the pantry like a pooch without a bone,
at least take heart in this: you’re not going home alone,
but you’re not kind upon the throne, that’s misnomer, Mr. Mincing Words,
Only if you thought you had chance would I call you absurd,
like curdled milk, you’re getting sour,
Sat too long in the hot sun and still got devoured,
so cower, a cub, from cuneiform carvings, ancient wisdom, passed down in a cipher.

Syndrome of the paranoid looking over their shoulder,
but there is a Goal at the end of the oldest elder.

Yes, he fell, but he’s nearer than any other,
He’s the missing link and the answer to: “What was there before?”


2 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. you’ve done a great job with this

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