Look at this rock I have entrenched,
to ease your thirst, to see it quenched,
to bench the burdens harbored across a desert,
that deserves and yearns to be wrapped in pleasure.

What measure to censure a marvel I’d borrowed,
that longs for the core just beyond of the hollow,
to follow, to perilously plunge into pardon,
and refrain from shame when the night is forgotten.

Day break, substrate, that claws beneath the surface,
patience, for prize it is worth it,
learnt this in labors I had worked inside her garden,
that felt the same so long as I was ardent.

Need retardant, temperature’s rising
as the fire in her eyes is realized, and even with a crowbar,
her legs off him he couldn’t be prying,
perspiration drying on skin that’s supposition,
though joint’s on point to prepare for the next position,
because now this fusion cannot be fissioned,
not with all the world’s combined derision.

But listen, this blessing is Sanctioned above,
because how can Love Hate the expression of the Trait that It Created?
What is the purpose of these feelings if they’d never been intended to be sated?
What inside you could describe this life as having not been Fated?

Debated in the devious dalliance deftly maneuvered like it were destiny,
when tonight, in the bright light, she lay so sexily next to me,
perfecting prisms cast in her quickly glancing,
upon his mind her eyes were so entrancing.

So stanzas were stumbling as a heart was racing,
Coddled in the quick kisses in the path he was tracing,
Bracing for launch, how they hunger for ignition,
despite the glare of past and its cast suspicions.

So, Freshwater Source,  this rock that rolls along beside,
gaily bedight, that quenched this thirst in most dire of plights;
like ice on a soreness, like balm on a burn,
give me the river of which we both yearn.


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