A Coven of Two

They formed a coven of two souls joined in one body,
the rhythm that they made could be described as rocking solidly,
shod in moonlight, robed in the breeze,
her quick exhale as his manhood he inside her eased.

They breathe, oblivious to the calm and cool eyes of shades that watch jealously,
having forgotten the warmth of skin, the flutter of a quickened pulse, the sweet stinging of delayed air in the lungs,
they count out in measure each thrust, revelling in the extended moment like a climber of
a ladder seeking out the next rung,
hang there pheromones between the lovers,
their sweat finding purchase on the other’s skin and mingling,
her nails upon his back that set his senses tingling.

Wriggling with each other,
drawing nearer,
more shallow,
more deeply,
tangled in the sweetest torment as he lies beneath her,
as they moan together indiscreetly.

Equals, equating ecstasy with each other,
finding heaven in cupped breasts,
at the tip of each others’ tongues,
on the lips that entreat each other, in the silent song sung when the jolt jumps from her lips to the tips of her toes (causing them to curl),
the gloss that engulfs her eyes when she sighs (and the knots of the day unfurl in her brain),
never so alive as in this little death,
deep breaths drawn like after a baptism,
this christening in sweat and breaths and the cum that covers them:
Two babes that barely knew the world until this little birth.


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