A Seduction

I seduce Words. I play un-lame game,

I make Words spread themselves across every page;

assuage Word’s worry with a broad smile for miles;

I’ll sit and talk with Words for a while.

Say sexy things and get Words all riled,

corral Words with punctuation and style,

file Words away for a day then return,

I make Words for me yearn:

Words every chance to be turned,

Words both created and learned.

Words like:




Words mixed up by grenadine and gallantry;

this love isn’t fallacy,

It’s not foolish, it’s fortunate:

the world’s a better place since Words were brought into it.

But let’s get intimate.

Words will be with me until the day that I die.

I’m being completely honest, to Words I can’t lie:

see to me, Words are the prize,

they’re the twinkle in eyes,

Words make see a better man to ascribe;

Words are my drive and the reason I live;

Words keep me from being glib;

Words are stunning in nothing more than a slip;

Words caress and kiss my lips.

See, to me, Words are a love affair,

and that’s why I write.

Words keep me up at night

and give me true light.


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