Gratitude at more than the convenience,
if more could just see this,
society being more like civilization than the rat race,
because we can come together and make the burdens go about face,
devout faith, there is goodness in all people,
and it only takes a choice to quit from being evil.

Evils, not Oppression, but a Test,
for without hardship, how else could one feel Blessed?
For jests and joviality when rough waters have passed,
because a new day comes, this is not the last –
cast fortunes endorses the working ‘gainst forces,
when they’ve blown through their courses,
in the rubble we stand, willing to offer a hand;
is this not The Master Plan?

Humanity harbored in the heart, in the pulse,
in the breath in our chests for we all share two lungs,
one heart and the same color blood in our veins,
standing together’s the only option that’s sane,
plain in perfection, for flaws make this world magic,
that we can find hope in the days that are tragic.


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