Not all Poets observe Wrought requirements i’iron, Manifesting only Narrative,

as Prose, opening What random inconsistencies ‘Mid occasions Nationally adhered,

Patriotic overtones, Wrestling reason inna Modern oligarchy, Never advocating Power,

only Weighing rightly in Media outsource, Native ablutions polluting our

Weathered reconditioning impossibly Malfeasant obstructions Neatly appropriate Per our Wholesome

religious inconsistencies, Merely operating Novices always Punctuating orifices With rabidity,

inherited Millions of Nature’s appropriations Placating occidental Weasels, reflexively insipid,

Mixing O, Na, and Pd, occasionally With Rh Melancholic

ordinations, Nefariously actuating Poetical orchestrations Writhing rhythmically in Momentary occupations.


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