Another Howl

I saw the greatest minds of my generation turn on X-Box Live and therein turn off,
I saw text messages writ in classrooms behind professors’ backs and Facebook updates half-crafted in libraries, consisting of nothing but trivialities and not taking advantage of resources.

This poem will be under three-minutes because if it were uploaded to YouTube it would get less hits than the “Sitting On The Toilet” video,
And not because you don’t have the attention span to listen to it,
But because I don’t have the attention span to write like Ginsberg, and the irony that this was written on a smartphone does not escape me.

I heard speculations on the costs of a disaster while people were still drowning,
I saw selfishness replace selflessness somewhere between the grocery store and a telethon.

Microsoft! Malicious Microsoft!
Monopoly Microsoft! Microsoft of the red ring of death blazening aggrevation and despair across the Maddened States of America, aggroing in servers stocked with scimitars of scintillation!

I witnessed in 1080p HD the madhouse surrounding the death of a masked dancer’s funeral,
The clownshow and its aftermath,
children forced to brave-face it and talk about a man they probably didn’t know well if at all,
So that we could call them courageous,
And feel better about grieving an oft-accused pedophile,
Revering his talent but forgiving his lack of morality,
Letting literary geniuses fade into obscurity,
A blip in the broadcast.


2 responses to “Another Howl

  1. I loved the way you introduced this poem more than the poem. And the poem was wonderful. bad ass.

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