Quick Trust

She sailed on strong winds the way sailors sought the shore,
captive to the core, her strengths explored,
saddling sadness with weighty wisdom she pulled off the bench when she inherited it after her tragedies,
tragedies of such magnitude as to name them epic would still be lacking,
but she still smiled, even if she cried,
she faced each day her best foot forward,
she stayed in the light though she had every right to hide.

Kind in a fashion as vast as her soles,
and somehow here exposed the closed-off quarters locked in secretive soliloquies  he’d hedged with ropes,
reminding him of hope in the hereafter,
that even in the fall there might still be laughter.

She looked at him longingly and reveled in his touch,
sweet kisses at dawn and dusk as they sought symmetry in sleep that came with a quickened trust,
explorations notwithstanding,
explanations out of hand,
chemistry conveyed in coy glances and held hands that herald handsomely harkening at healing,
and so appealing,
pleasures postponed for finding common ground from the floorboards past the ceiling –

bright eyes, changing shades as they stare into their counterparts,
relishing in nearness and speaking from the heart.

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