To the Hardest Working Person I Ever Met

Dallying nicely with words,
Wending away from the norm,
Longing for rapturous enlightenment that
Rends rapidly a form from the storm,
A’ aria could never constrain all she retains in her name.

If we all are for a span on the earth,
In the course you carve shall see that name preserved,
More a source of actuation than inspiration,
A’ built brick and mortar out the back of situations,
Possesses sets of skills you had built in habits harkening
on proverbs elected to manage all your attics.

Song so superb in notes you bridged to cinch in roles,
Couldn’t half-arse a mule, even then you’d extoll
Humors and healings for hurts you perceive,
Making amends of ‘n other’s aches, disregarding your own set surcease,
And your soul’s trek shall surely find someday some peace of mind.


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