Mundane & Divine

The idea frightened, but with the resolve came the  enlightened sine that sparked the thoughts that crossed the line between the mundane and the divine,
with a brightness in kind to render one blind.

Finding colors in the wash of white,
derived from the fractioned proportions that kept coming out of light,
a sight more sincere than the sample of sirens that sent celibate men into the depth a’wend of the tasks they had yet to portend,
pretending peace on stony shores and stares that circumvented the “why” by asking “what” and “wherefore?”

A fair and fortunate fancy that fractured reality in the fulcrums of fatality,
unimpressed by other’s banality, salinity circumscribing serious solemnity,
set instead to be brilliantly beguiled, the aisle set, the date is met,
overcoming other’s fallacies all the while.

Roam the earth, unperched, praying passions pass as parasites,
arriving to an allegory: alive is the prize, dinged and damaged  from the derekh* and dealt with rawly,
when the spirit swells and is then expelled and returns to Source of All Things Holy,
what was harbored yet still stains and stamps,
the damage it had managed in its brief days below the Curtain’s Flap.


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