My (Unmet Yet) Lover

My lover is buckshot beautiful with sniper sensibilities that severs spinal cord from servitude and sweetens gumdrops with her smile. She is tattooed tenacity that scrawled her skin with quotes from off the Tarot and imagery out the Torah and makes statisticians marry facts to their faith-based propaganda.

My lover is longitudinal lines that deserve an exploration, my lover is a theory of everything requiring no explanation – she is physics-meta man about a horse-fly-paper bag-and-tag audacity, she is graduating at the top of her classy. She is guard rail way wonder full of life time table settings, saved face book of shadow boxing day trips.

My lover takes her coffee with two breaths, has ribosomes for rolodexes, whose nucleus is stationed in the center of all things. She is universal remote island sanctuary scandalous, flashing breasts at passing fishermen but is modest in the bedroom because she equates ecstacy with actuation, pressed flesh for the Kodesh ha’Kadashim, and takes two orgasms when she calls me “sweetheart” come the morning glory whole megillah reading.

My lover likens lichen to love bites barely breaking skin, even song birds and bee stings seldom see sawed-off shotgun shells swimming through sea salt segues that skate down her skinny-dipping dotted line break dancing unabashedly by her lone…sometimes my code red roving eyewears down on her last nerve cluster fuck or fight responsibility-cell counting myself lucky she still calls me first and fore…most days my cartography is rusty and finding the right road is like navigating this poem.

My lover encompasses all confidences and keeps me on the path, wayfarer fortune cookie monster in the closet closing in grown up and a way that makes my maladies less malicious-looking glass menage reflexive aspirations that shine shin guards glossy in gridlocked golden ratio stations of the crossed bunsen burner burdened with tradition. She sings my victories when I’ve forgotten them, reminds me my mistakes are just speed-bumps for contemplation, and that sexy is just dress up in the wardrobe of the mind.


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