These words here are beset by the fact that they aren’t action,
Fancy mouth-work to impart an act that hasn’t happened.

I lied, or at least bended the truth,
When I said I’d have either role:

I knew I wanted to play your lover when I knew the role was available, at least mumming such soulful satisfaction would keep me from being passive.

Flutters, anticipation, the kiss came in that first read and it didn’t happen – I didn’t even think we’d be acting it out, so it didn’t even cross my mind ’til after the fact, but what of that? Are you as disappointed as I am?

This missive is illusively missing the point peculiarly, or hitting it rather – fair air for contemplating fortune, an unrare flair for self-torture.

Better to take this time to be resolute. I will take every opportunity henceforward to kiss you.


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