Every Quest Has Led to You

Shall I compare you to the copy of Metroid I got on my 8th Chanukah? You’re shinier new, more supremely captivating, more layered, more fun.

Shall I compare you to beating Twilight Princess? You are more stunning, more rewarding, more magnificently detailed.

Shall I compare you to Gizmos and Gadgets? You are more complex, more robust, more challenging and intricate, I could search the corridors of your mind forever and never piece it all together: but I would take the time to clock the hours, each millisecond made magnificent at the prospect of your being mine.

Your eyes would have me storming castles,
I’d leap ledges for your smile,
I want to give you every iota of my hearts,
Spend all my lives loving you with every pixel and bit of my being.

Every quest has led to you,
Every step a path to your realm,
All these save points spent in hours of treading mazes, vanquishing monsters, false maidens luring me Calypso.

Darling – I have stomached hungers into strength, warmed myself on cold nights in the fields alone on the thought of your love for me,
I have ground through goblins and ghouls, battled bosses to wind up before you.

Bleeding, battered, not broken but pining,
That these quests have found an end,
That blissfully buttons have been pressed in the right sequence to unlock the most precious treasure in this or any other of the myriad worlds:
Your love.

But I don’t want the Game Genie to your heart,
That is to say I don’t want to play games with you
And I don’t ever want to cheat,
I want to earn every inch of you,
With deliberate sweat, sore thumbs,
With my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth at the tough parts, maybe,
Your Warrior Poet,
High Priest of your temple,
The source code of your love.


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