Moebius Hips

Time twists in on itself,
forming a tesseract,
a Moebius strip of waiting to and making love with you.

Fingers claw at clothing,
praying for purchase of skin on skin,
subtle strokes of a collarbone,
of a shoulderblade,
of lips kissing infinitely,
our passion a desperate prayer on our tangled tongues,
calling God and each otherĀ and finding divinity in the sparks of
love that live in our eyes when we look at each other.

Your head against my shoulder,
as the film plays and you slip briefly, blissfully, into the Land of Nod:
I am sitting here/I am waiting for you there/
I am stroking your hair and your face gently/We are flying over all obstacles and avarices/
I am not imagining perfection to your breasts but drinking in how lovely you look when you’re sleeping/we are dream-logic lovers, married, parents, old and gray sweethearts still holding hands in a park/
I am basking in the glory of your love for me/I am basking in the glory of your love for me.

First date dalliances:
my thumb finds the false flaws on your face in my declaration of my love of them;
we are sharing all our secrets over sushi despite decades of developed shields – we are more than peers, peering into each other’s souls and finding our own satisfactions there;
we are ignoring the poetry that speaks around us, caught up in the barely cautious carousel of getting to know each other – knowing we already do, our bodies catching up with the secrets our souls keep, the perfection of our puzzle-piece lock-click segmentation;
I am arriving out of the backstage after the show you came to see, we are wondering secretly to each other whether this is a date or not.

Inside, outside – it is impossible to tell the difference,
we are one flesh writhing,
there is no distinction where I end and you begin,
we are a being, we are beautiful,
we are sacred and sanctified in our sex,
there is no vulgarity here, every inch indescribably glorious:
first morning on the dawn of creation, we are milliseconds into matter,
we are majesty over all material –
physics bends at the bowing of our Moebius hips together,
we are Godhead, we are grandeur, we are gasping loudly in our gratification.

You left your time-piece heart dangling from my nightstand,
I put it around my neck and gave it back to you but it lingers still, looping tick-tocks that read “I love you” with every second that skips back on in upon itself,
Thunderous adorations that sate souls, skin, star-crossed crushes folding in at our meeting:
We were becoming –
Soul-mates out our melancholy mistakes that taught us how to declare for each other,
Two points on a single line,
Bending backward to see face-to-face.


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