Things Learned Last Year

Some of this was obtained vicariously, some through experience all its own: either way thanks are owed for helping this one grow. Dreams are tangible things, they are wispy, gooey granules of over-wet clay: but with patience they can be molded into whatever your imagination wants to make of them. They are not always what they seem – dreams formed can be a knife to the throat, make you question your sanity for ever aspiring to put such a thing on a pedestal; they are wily things that can take a life of their own. They are worth it.

Love is a many splendored thing…that wears golf cleats and kicks you repeatedly in the balls. The heart wants very typically what it cannot have and shuns what it can. Never trust your heart: to someone who can easily hide their love, to broke-ass college girls that won’t drink beer out of principle, to hearts that have been claimed already – there is disappointment to be had there and nothing more. Be rational, be reasonable, be honest, stick to your morals and love fully – love will find a way in – in unexpected places it will flourish and form, making seemingly illuminated rooms suddenly, amazingly, bright.

Darkness has a way of creeping in; good people are capable of the worst things but choose not to. This past year has been a precipice yawning – bastardly baseness bubbling beneath the surface pining for airwave broadcast, of besting others. It has been beaten down by the better parts, by poetry and promises, by kindness and creation, by selfless acts that harbor hopes of aspiration in the stead of destruction. I have looked at myself in the mirror in my eye and made the choice of path – of progress that doesn’t digress, of keeping on the course for right – of the righteousness of learning from mistakes.

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