Carpe Dream – NaPoWriMo #1

Somewhere between sleep and waking you snuck up on me,
Marmalade smothering, stretching serenely inside my rib(ald-bird)cage,
Tweeting songbird soliloquoys requesting nothing more than love-pecks,
You made a nest out of disused muscle tissue, twisted relic of a beating heart that harbored love-sick machinations instead of an actual elevation of that all-important feeling.

Love – how many lyrics’ licks devoted?
Do I love you because you’re love, love, love is all you need, to give love, loving you is easy because I love you always…

Slumbering, pillow-top practicality, snoring softly as somnombulism slowly runs its course – sweetheart, we stood singing out our suddenly devotions; we made our snowmen of solid steel that shall last twelve-thousand years. Still, within this seizing dream you suffer serenely darling, even my subconcious can’t heal that ache you feel – what a worthless inefficient economy to cling to, dreamscape, let my melancholy baby be unburdened on Quiddity’s shores!

Hovering now, somewhence between those solitary states,
You smile that kind grin that gets beneath my skin sweetly – that could stop stampeding buffalo in their tracks to aww-shucks bashfully kickling hooves into dust deliberately apologizing – and I remember clearly how/why I love you: how you worry for others even wracked in your pain, and to worry about vain veined me – refreshing my memory, how luckily more could I be? We are not a dream, you’ve me and I’ve thee.


Based on the first 2012 prompt from


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