Real Brilliance – NaPoWriMo #4

You made an I soar, something beautiful,
Disassembled the smaller pieces of the Legos I’d built out myself and rearranged them, dutiful and diligent,
You made something strong more sturdy and resilient;
Even in the throws of assholatry, you’re brilliant.

When we bandied you had managed to pluck up the blunt stuff that had surfaced,
Despite a premonition that such discourse would have placed us through a furnace:
It might have, in fact it did,
The detrius was burnt away and what stood was what was hid.

I’ll put a lid on those annoyances that had drove you up the wall; I’ll start small, divert my clowning and malignant words’ contrivances, because for all the world I’m more reliant on you, a condition that is not in the least bit pliant:

We are steadfast, we are steel, we are reel-to-reel, we compliment the other, despite our small frustrations and those times we might want the other smothered. That’s not always deviant, more oft it’s out of love, and how of each of us we cannot get enough.

That’s just off the cuff, this small way you inspire me, a sliver of why I love you so entirely.


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