(En)Compass(ed) – NaPoWriMo #16

You are metal magnetized,
Spinning atop a needle,
Pivoting either way:
You are always pointing north.

I am lost without you.

These foothills might as well be mountains,
Their terrain nothing more than stumbling blocks,
When obstacles are tripping, you’re my rock.

So how then am I to find a way out of this enclosing labyrinth,
Pine needle walls at every turn that’s walked, without you?

What mistake to be convinced to leave you behind,
Despite my faults, having been so unkind;
Now at every instance, sheer insistence on my mind,
And a way out of this absence I can’t find.

So much more could yet I say though I fear it shan’t allay
The fears that are all splayed now within my troubled mind;
And it’s not merely that I grieve, or am trying to deceive,
But if you could grant me a reprieve, it’d be so kind;
For how shall I excise out this forest without prize
That had been gleaming in your eyes, I can no longer find.


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