An Incomplete Explanation – NaPoWriMo #18

For Taylor, with apologies for being a grouch.

Being in love is:

Nervousness creeping in your fingers, twirling around themselves, trying too hard to keep still and gesticulate at the same time; being afraid that you’ll somehow scare the other person off.

Secreting kisses, pilfered passion, like a tort out a pastry shop from right beneath the baker’s nose, who set them out purposefully, hoping you would come and gobble them up all the while.

Sometimes moving too quickly, despite yourself and your intentions and your mother’s voice warning you about how you wear your heart on your sleeve.

Getting your heart a bit bruised so that you can show your scars to your real love who will love you all the more for them.

Stepping outside yourself, doing things you don’t even do for yourself because suddenly you want to; not expecting a damned thing in return.

Being willing to see the things that need to be grown out of, willingness to make the effort (and it is) to do so; stepping outside your comfort zone and answering difficult questions.

Hospital waiting rooms in sorrows and joys: unfortunately the former tends to be more frequent.

In-jokes that make everyone else around you scratch their head, not for wanting to exclude anyone, but even when you explain it they don’t get it.

Finding out that someone holds the keys to all your heartache lockets, knows the combinations to every locker to your betrayal.

Soaring above the bright blue world on a rocket fueled on your feelings; getting stuck between the cobblestones when there comes a crash.

Quieting your ego, swallowing your pride in a great big gulp, and apologizing even if you’re right.

Photographs and birthday cards and expeditions; staying in despite other people expecting you because sometimes you just need a night on the couch in PJs.

Real – don’t ever doubt that – when it really comes you’ll know it.

Strength and fragility rolled into a big-ass ball of burgeoning, and at times conflicting, emotions.

Despite everything listed, and at times because of it, the greatest thing in the world.


3 responses to “An Incomplete Explanation – NaPoWriMo #18

  1. sarahjaneprosetry


  2. Vivid and lovely–so well put. It’s so hard to find new images for love; these short vignettes, juxtaposed, capture the experience beautifully.

  3. If ever there were a check list to see if love were real, you have got most of it here.
    PS – Don’t tell Cosmo, they’ll try to sell it as “15 Ways to Know You’re in Love” and still miss the point!
    Well done!

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