Dear Shell – NaPoWriMo #20

Because I like making things easy for myself, today’s prompt is a combination of‘s prompts from days Sixteen and Seventeen being, respectively:

Utilize an image, write an epistolary poem that incorporates at least four elements of six suggested (see Day Seventeen link for the complete list; I have chosen: 2) a historical fact, 3) an oddball adjective-noun combination (like red grass or loud silence), 4) a fruit, and 6) a measure of distance). This is the plan at least – let’s see how I do.


Dear Shell,

There is a Euclidean spin to your spiral that evokes miles out of inches in its swoop, a sexiness despite the fact you’re carried around by somewhat semi-sentient goop.

You make travel easier than pioneers had it crossing the American Frontier for fortune and freedom to Utah, your soft strength that fends off savage attacks of ants: as durable as a coconut, an indelible cocoon cradling me.

Without you, dear Shell, I’d be something else entirely, a shadow of myself, more slug than sluggish. You make me stronger than I otherwise have a right to be: how fortunate I am to have you grafted onto me.



2 responses to “Dear Shell – NaPoWriMo #20

  1. Marvelous. I love “Euclidean spin” and “more slug than sluggish,” as well as the comparison to a Conestoga wagon.

    Hey–did this start out as a sonnet? It sure does rhyme and scan like one!

  2. I started writing it with the intent of incorporating another prompt, a lullaby, into the fold but gave it up mostly; I suppose it may have festered in despite the excision. Thanks much for reading and all your commenting – I greatly appreciate it.

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