Herein A Nine Alm Aria – NaPoWriMo #21.2

Herein a nine alm aria,
Whose charity overflows despite a song of devastation,
That stuck six golden coins into a dish otherwise filled with copper,
A carload hash milieux,
That smoked out unsubtlety in fine-pressed strains of selfishness,
That tried to sing through the haze and got instead a swamp gas symphony of decay and floating debris and alligator’s indigestion,
Whose sweet voice atrophied in the dim lavender lamplight lovers come to loose themselves from each other under.

Herein a nine alm aria,
That sung operatic tragedy in humors’ flints sparking, sparkles like a diamond planet glinting in its’ suns’ orbit,
That serenaded seldomly but strapped solemnity from observers, who harkened it as after-thought in other dates and vines,
Who had a devotion that did not deviate or dally, who had a determination that festered into an abscess,
That placed a pox-infested blanket on his Buddha, that barricaded himself for safety and was caught in the coming conflagration.

Herein a nine alm aria,
Whose harmonies heralded hope despite habituations harbored,
That saw through to the melody of sour chords underneath the brassy orchestra and its shiny sheen and finish,
That wouldn’t finish the song despite a pleading from the audience,
Who clapped and cried and could not casually amble out the ampitheater,
That didn’t demand a refund but framed the gilded tickets and harkened on them fondly when they felt despondent,
Who learned that the audience both takes and gives away.

Herein a nine alm aria,
Whose major fifth was not shot by subjectives,
That would not let her own song cease,
Who will take up singing acapella in softer lit spaces seeking serenity in a worshipper she’ll worship likewise without worry,
Who will seek the safety of her notes and never be to blame,
Who will share their sheet music without guarding over shoulder,
Who will never shy from showing ink that’s stained.


One response to “Herein A Nine Alm Aria – NaPoWriMo #21.2

  1. This is lush and delicious. I sure enjoy all this chewiness and wordplay–it’s fun to be transported into the poem’s dreamlike world of language and sensory stimuli.

    You are on a fantastic roll with your writing!

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