Th’ P’rsistnc of M’mory – NaPoWriMo #24

Today’s prompt comes from’s Days 23 and 24. Here is a traditional lipogram (utilizing any letter of the alphabet except for ‘e’) inspired by a work of art, that being Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. Had to get a bit creative with this one: hope you enjoy.



Your dripping clocks: an inspiration, Dali,
If I could look at your fluid work daily I would,
A constant portion of proportioning paradox a liquid woodwork would inflict on this quasi-clamoring carnival all living things do.

Upon your own cranium you hung a winding watch that is slipping off and away as tick tocks can do,
Your profiling factors an outcrop of rocks as an army of ants array upon a gold watch atop a block of wood so far apart and still so adjoining,
As if a factor also of your anatomy.

Off in a distant horizon you did paint your familiar cliffs of Catalonia,
A distribution of your Spanish nationalism?

It did haunt your imagination, didn’t it Dali,
Did you squint your orbs,
Conjuring in fantasy your familial domain,
Did that succinctly satisfy your agony?

So said, as supplicant Cu coils off a branch,
As it is still on display at MoMA,
A triumph of days as a fountain runs continuously,
What a status did you obtain,
an illustration of what you saw at night still a thing known throughout our world,
A triumph of art, your work will not quit our minds,
Your vision of instants so sly.

3 responses to “Th’ P’rsistnc of M’mory – NaPoWriMo #24

  1. One of my favorite artists. Well versed my fellow dallier in Dali!

  2. Oh, this one is sublime! All those vowel sounds foreground themselves in the absence of “e” here–but the consonants also cavort and crunch. What an ecstatic ekphrastic!

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