Patchwork – NaPoWriMo #26

This is from the prompt for yesterday. This is a cento, a poem constructed from other poems, cobbled together from The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, primarily at random. Let’s see what sense might be made of this then.

“summarized in the coroner’s report[1]”
“one who can’t throw away a piece of wilted lettuce[2]”
“you infinitely portable god – a quiet god[3]”
“We were long over as a romantic couple.[4]”

“Even a worm is beautiful[5]”
“the necessity of killing and its regulation[6]”
“lullabyes from welfare, food-stamps, and nature[7]”
“No need to pay your taxes[8]”
“in formal rapture and cast hollow spirit[9]”
“splashed all over me.[10]”

“i stole
those images from a
wild girl’s mouth.[11]”
“I dont want to hurt her
–Of all people to hurt.[12]”
“Let the combination of morality
and inhumanity

“stained with urine and excrement.[15]”
“How could I hold back the tears?[16]”
“it’s an awful job. But she never told me[17]”
“The face that moves in my mirror is huge and pockmarked,[18]”
“But One Night In The Tropics, I Saw What You Did.[19]”

“And while we intended to take[20]”
“The body in a tin can[21]”
“I wonder if he’s happy where he’s at?[22]”
“We looked around[23]”
“And instead of flowers or stones[24]”
“your face
when you’re suffering.[25]”
“and blow the dust off[26]”
“he used to carry his own weight[27]”
“they scatter your ashes[28]”
“on my tongue.[29]

“but it’s unrequited love.[31]”
“Like the ghost of a lover done wrong.[32]”
“Looking like poetry
or the secret of clay.[33]”
“For a few of the women who’d slept with him[34]”
“Long after the theatre lights went on[35]”
“as if I were as pure[36]”
“as death due to heart attack[37]”
“and a stainless-steel cross[38]”
“crushed on the floors of time,[39]”
“with the unfairness of weight.[40]”

[1] South Central Los Angeles Death Trip, 1982, Wanda Coleman
[2]Bike Messenger Leading the People, Dominque Lowell
[3] Cleveland: The Rectal Eye Exam, d.a. levy
[4] I Was With Her Long Enough To Change Brands of Cigarettes, Bucky Sinister
[5] Beauty is Everywhere Baudelaire, Jack Micheline
[6] It’s DUmb to be a Member of a Dominant Species, Alice Notley
[7] Check One, Regie Cabico
[8] After the Cries of the Birds Has Stopped, Lawrence Ferlinghetti
[9] Was Poe Afraid, Charles Plymell
[10] Murdered in the Middle of the Dance, Steven J. Bernstein
[11] Love is the Silence, Stuart Z. Perkoff
[12] 149th Chorus, Jack Kerouac
[13] Short Speech to My Friends, Amiri Baraka
[14] Revolutionary Letters, Diane DiPrima
[15] The Evening News, William S. Burroughs
[16] Lucky Strike No Strike Back, Marc “Slampappy” Smith
[17] Land of a Thousand Dances, Joan Jobe Smith
[18] Skinhead, Patricia Smith (weird, three Smiths in a row….)
[19] The Bride Goes Wild, Amy Gerstler
[20] Chicks Up Front, Sara Holbrook
[21] Ode to a Tijuana Toilet, James Dean
[22] Jesse James and His Boys, Woody Guthrie
[23]  The American Night, Jim Morrison
[24] Jukebox, Jim Carroll
[25] Just say NO to Family Values, John Diorno
[26] I Ate Fig Newtons Until I Puked, S.A. Griffin
[27] (some) people have enough problems, Q.R. Hand
[28] Poem – Miguel Pinero, David Henderson
[29] Certain Prostitute, David Roskos
[30] Career Move, Penny Arcade
[31] Ball & Chain Record Store, Ellyn Maybe
[32] Lost My Job & Wrote This Poem, Bruce Isaacson
[33] The Woman at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, Neeli Chekovski
[34] Jack Kerouac Returns to Lowell After 25 Years, Gerald Nicosia
[35] 7th Sound for John Garfield, James Ryan Morris
[36] Sing Sing Sits Up the River, Alejo Dao’ud Rodriguez
[37] South Central Los Angeles Death Trip, 1982, Wanda Coleman
[38] The Crucifixion of Johnny Carson, David Lerner
[39] Bagel Shop Jazz, Bob Kaufman
[40] Red Snappers, Carol Wierzbicki


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