Dear Impermanence

Dear Impermanence,

I scrawled you beneath my skin in wedding cake and salvaged bits of cellophane,
Around my ring finger, a testament to temperment, a subtlety I had been lacking,
To drive a reminder that each bright eye and every coy smile that declares love had better be worth covering you over.

Impermanence, how long did I lavish over you?
Drinking to dull the remembrance of your record needle scratches across the grooves of me.

Each inking after you, a pale comparison to the single spin our circling did around each other:
And though there is my history now stuck unto my temple,
It is you that drove these tattooes into my testimony.

That took a tenderness and turned it into turpentine,
As though my indelible dalliances with art as an artifact,
Epidermis as an epicurean feast for the eyes, could be washed away with your chemical composition.

It is only your imprint, Impermanence, that has scabbed over,
Whose lines have faded, whose color’s running out –
And I don’t know that I want it to.

Our time was a single record track,
It wouldn’t skip,
Favorite moments frozen, hiccupping,
Favorite moments frozen,
Favorite moments froze,
So no matter how hard you tried to rewind to the good parts you couldn’t find the right resonance, the clear crack in me that would make everything all right,
And that’s all right,
We were different genres trying to lay on the same bass beat:
You were country, I was jazz,
Sometimes two chords met but there was all our similitude, on a fretboard.

That doesn’t mean I want to forget you,
Not for happiness and heartbreak,
But because there you were and that’s another reason I smile,
This world is a narrow bridge swaying in the wind over a precipice and there is no point in turning backward,
Just don’t look down, there’s nothing for us there,
Just straight ahead will sustain us, so long as we know where we’re coming from:
That way –
There’s adventure yet dead ahead.

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