Beer Pong the Play

The concept was simple: get actors to drink on stage; the result? Beer Pong the Play! Inspired by a game of beer pong, my fifth day submission for the 31 Plays in 31 Days Challenge was nothing more than that flimsy concept barely stitched together with a difficult conceit of writing a play with a game of skill/chance without impossibly scripting the outcome of the match. So, like any good writer, I just started writing.

A conversation I’d had with the driver (I took turns at the wheel, don’t think me a mooch) just prior to writing about previous sexual experiences and liasons definitely shaded this work – and unexpectantly at that: the characters starting saying things I definitely didn’t expect, making myself chuckle rather heartily to myself. Finished it in Vegas, just before work: it might need some polish but I think it does for now, in the realm of beginnings, middles, and ends.


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