Junk was supposedly inspired by the 31p/31d prompt for August 8th, but then it became something very, very different. I’ll let you read it and figure it out for yourself. It was certainly fun to write, but I have to wonder why I have so much strangeness coming out of me and if I can write something without a weird twist in it.


2 responses to “Junk

  1. Oh, I love this! What a marvelous metaphysical twist the plot takes: from moving-guy banter to immortality and redemption. My favorite line: “Goodbye, Gary of Las Vegas”!

    Also, I am in awe that you are doing such well developed scripts DAILY. Makes April’s poem-a-day seem like an underachievement!

    • Thanks, Jennifer – I greatly appreciate it! I’m having fun with it, and I’ve taken enough classes and read enough books to have a fairly good handle on structure, so the rest is just writing and letting the story tell itself. It also helps that I have a job that has me waiting for some stretches of the day, it gives me a chance to work things out.

      Thanks for keeping up with what I’ve been posting!

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