31Plays31Days – Days 15, 16, and 17

Don’t fret, mon friers, I have been keeping up with the playwriting challenge: it’s just that these past two days, and this coming one, I have been and will be working on three scenes of a longer work. One of the early posts on the 31p/31d blog suggested that the challenge month could be utilized by writing longer plays, taking each scene and making them a mini-play.

That said, I want to present the play in its entirety, rather than the choppy form it’s come up in. Right now I’ve got Baby Daddy and Baby Momma, the first two scenes of Infidelity in Devotion. The story tells of a woman who is having trouble conceiving with her husband and sleeps with one of her friends/co-workers in order to save her marriage. Those first two chapters have been uploaded to the 31p/31d submission counter already. Starting today and uploaded tomorrow at the latest will be the third and final installment, Baby, where all everything comes to a head.

This play is so far the most rooted-in-reality play I have ever written. I like strangeness and the supernatural (especially considering we can get away with so much in theater) –  Infidelity is interesting to me in that it bears, what I hope, are equally interesting characters despite not having some strange twist. Maybe some of the decisions and leaps of logic in some of the characters are a little…awry, but the story needs to move forward, and desperate people act desperately. I think.

Anyway, the play will get posted as soon as it’s all cohesive and stuff. Until then.



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