God Calling

So I’m sitting on my couch trying to write “Slammed” when there’s a knock on my door. I take a gander through the peephole and see a guy that sort of looks like someone who works for my apartment complex. The guy turns out not to be from my complex, but a proselyte for a Christian organization in town who put on plays and concerts, all with, and I would expect no different, a Jesus-theme.

Now, I have spoken to the representatives of this particular organization in front of my apartment before, and every time when I refuse their fliers they get very high and mighty, and fire and brimstone-y. I try and be polite, refuse and just close the door, but they always try to make me feel bad for not believing in Jesus, and they always let me know that I’ll be going to Hell because of it, sometimes raving about such through the closed door.

God Calling is the result of the “conversations” with them and other religiously-affiliated folk throughout the years. It might seem like I rag particularly on LDS people (and I kind of do but I have a great deal of issue with the way women are treated and thought of in that organization, and because they proselytize without knowing literally anything about other cultures or religions…it ticks me off a bit), but the way that conversation unfolds in this play is almost entirely how one such conversation happened to me in real life.

In fact most of these Christian responses are entirely from my memory: Andrew’s shitty responses to them are more of what went through my head not my mouth…but this is a play and I get to have my characters be shitty to one another. I tend not to get involved in religious conversations, despite being able to expound on a great deal of them, because I respect other peoples’ beliefs and frankly a lot of talk about religion, especially if you’re trying to convince the other person that yours is right, is sort of pointless and masturbatory.

That said, this play is undoubtedly my favorite this month, thus far, and will probably have a hard time being unseated. Up until now I was very impressed with myself for Read, but that story sort of crept on me out the ether. God Calling is exactly what I wanted it to be, start to finish, and I happen to think it’s hilarious. I hope you do too.


P.S. Great thanks to that proselyte, and to David Ives…and the improv troupes I’ve worked with.


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