Courting the Issue

Today’s post comes from a recent trip to court, by way of a speeding ticket I received. The outcome of that ticket is unimportant, what is important is that I was in writer mode during that trip, well into the 31 Days Challenge, and public places like that are great places to pick up stories. Every single story told in this play is true: one of them is even mine. Give it a read and leave your guess as to which one it is in the comments section!

Courting the Issue is about the Justice system, as three defendants against the Traffic Court of Las Vegas wait for their courtroom to open. The characters are drawn directly from real experiences so while interesting, there might not necessarily be a point to the whole thing. It was fun to write at any rate and something of an achievement considering how busy we were at work today.

There is something strange about setting a play based on entirely true events. While easier because I didn’t have to make anything up, there was something that tinged of voyeurism in the whole process. It felt like I was stealing little pieces of these people to fill out my story. But it’s done and there’s a 99% chance they’ll never know. Regardless, thanks much to the templates of Jesse, Erik, and Marshal P. Ennis (?, ?, Marshal D. Ellis) for being so forthcoming in front of a sneaky, sneaky playwright.


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