This story started off simply enough. I work in a Mob-themed attraction in Las Vegas (where I’m just about to clock into, huzzah!) and it occurred to me early on in my employment there that a Halloween theme during the month of October might be highly appropriate, or if not appropriate, at least a hell of a draw. Since that sort of experience is never going to be offered, I figured I might as well draw on the idea for inspiration during this play-writing challenge.

Enter Deadfellas, with two characters I modeled on two of my colleagues at the place. This is not to say that the conversations that occur in the play actually occurred, this is merely to say that very similar conversations I had been privy to, and the syncopation in the way the characters speak and how they respond to stimulus is as near reality as this one mind could muster.

As to the story: I thought I could get away with just having them play cards, get interrupted meaninglessly, go back to cards and bullshitting, but Fate turned her catty little face at me, with the help of some douchebag at work who thought it would be wise to (very nearly) punch me in mine own face. Needless to say, the situation got rectified, but apparently, the encounter left a mark. I went out with a zombie from another Las Vegas attraction, and she was rather frequently hit in the face. There must be something said for the fight-or-flight response, but I’m not entirely sure what that sentiment should be. Perhaps in the instances described, to me in reality and to the character in the play who get punched, it ought to be “Motherfucker!”

At any rate, I think that this particular script might have been a little rushed and might read a little like that, however, Page 6 of the script about makes the whole thing worthwhile. For me at least. But I have a weird sense of humor. There’s something about zombie mobsters moaning their personas that just tickles me pink.

Hope you enjoy,

-Mick Axelrod

P.S. I must give great thanks to fellow Challenge-bearer and playwright, James W. Moore, for recommending a vast array of titles. This is the one I decided to go with. Thanks again, James; write hard!


P.P.S. I’m not entirely sure why I made the tourists Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Completely subconsciously did I name them such, and when it came time to make them speak, I decided why fight the obvious? They sound better and more distinct in my head this way anyway. Hope you don’t find it distracting.



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