This play was inspired by a friend’s recent foray into the realm on online dating and his eventual introduction and brief conversation with a chatbot. The question of what makes something human has been bandied about by philosophers great and small and is not one that I necessarily sought to answer with this piece. I just tried to entertain myself.

Aware that it might be difficult to come up with responses for an artificial intelligence, I sought the assistance of Cleverbot, which was greatly informative and from whom some responses were inserted into the mouth of my automaton: Sheila.

Lonely is the meeting of Melvin and said automaton, in a random scenario, wherein Melvin has to leave for a meeting. Only through conversation does he realize that the woman he is talking to is artificial in origin, but at that point is it too late? Somewhat creepy, borrowing elements from Blade Runner as well as Fatal Attraction, this comedic sci-fi tale should hopefully scintillate both the brain and the more naughty senses. Enjoy!


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