Monster Speed Dating

This one kicked my ass, just like it knew it would. Last month, before the 31 Plays Challenge began, I wrote a list of prompts for myself. Top of the list was this very simple idea: monsters speed dating. I knew that it would require a level of concentration that I was unaccustomed to, bouncing back and forth between conversations so that they flowed in a reasonable fashion that also built on itself. I picked probably the worst day to work on this one.

Little sleep. A position at work that predicated I could not write. Chores to do between jobs. A near fight at the dinner show. A photo-shoot and a line-through for one of the plays I’m rehearsing. On top of all this I decided to write a fourteen page play? Challenge accepted.

Granted, I worked into the wee hours of into the next morning to finish it (not the time-stamp on this post: I have not gone to sleep yet for wanting to give you all access to this) but it’s done, uploaded to the 31 Plays Submission site, and now available to you. And it’s one of the pieces I’m proudest of from this month. It let me work with some phenomenal archetypes of mythology and explore some others that I was not familiar with.

Lilith’s domineering nature and her sexuality. Dracula’s understated misogyny and his sexuality. A tikbalang‘s self-sabotage. How monsters would casually discuss some pretty disturbing subjects. Plus a hell of a lot of funny, in my humble opinion. Frankie’s response to Medusa on page I-11 makes me lolz every time.

But it’s done, and it’s ten t0 two in the morning and I have work in a few hours so I bid you good night, and enjoy.

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