Auditions Are…Rolling Genome…Middleground

So – I have been keeping up with the Challenge but have been super-busy and under-the-weather. Took a health day today and stayed in bed (and on my computer) working. That “time-off” was well spent in that I now have Days 28, 29, and 30 edited and formatted, just waiting for your perusal! Like in all the other posts, read the play by clicking the title. Hope you enjoy!

Day 28 – Auditions Are Other People is loosely based on Sartre’s “No Exit” and Las Vegas playwright, Erica Griffin’s “Roles for Women”. Three actors find themselves in an audition space where they are each others’ Hells…while they may actually be in Hell, or at least headed toward damnation!

Day 29 – Papa Was a Rolling Genome was inspired by a news article that informed me that U. of Pittsburgh scientists had created sperm out of skin cells. It immediately brought to mind, like all sci-fi enthusiasts, how someone might abuse that sort of power. This play is exactly that.

Day 30 – Middleground came about, probably, because I read this post on the 31 Plays 31 Days blog, about opening yourself up and asking difficult questions and answering honestly. It’s my first one-man show. Only time will tell if I ever have the gumption to put it up. But in the meantime, available to read.


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