Haiku – NaPoWriMo #9-13

Dear Reader,

A lot has happened to me as of late: experienced a repossession, opened a show, had some mind expansion and some good growth. Life has been challenging of late and writing has not been something I was able to focus on every day, but that’s changed. Below is the account I have for the last five days, my offering for the Challenge Numbers. I have tried to maintain the traditional theme of nature in them, though my definition of “nature” may be broad.

Hope you enjoy,

Five days behind on
NaPoWriMo: does it count?
writing a bunch of….

Riding the bus now,
they took the whip and its slip,
it could be worse.

There is a bush in
my backyard with white flowers,
it sheds its petals.

The Torah states that
you should not do what is not
what yourself would want.

The lights dim slowly,
the players hit their marks quick.
Then the lights come up.


One response to “Haiku – NaPoWriMo #9-13

  1. Glad to hear you’re hanging in, Mick. All the best to you as you carry on!

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