End of April – NaPoWriMo #30

You are coming to a close, o’ calendar mark of adversity.

When we beware the Ides of March it is because it heralds you,
You three-year memorably difficult month,
All challenges, all obstacles, all stumbling blocks,
All triumphed over,
Because April showers bring Mayflowers and pilgrims always struggle to survive.

This month I learned:

Love like I’ve never experienced before, and every one is different, but this one is all honesty and uncondition – no prescription’s been with less games and hence sans any self-inflicted derision, and with it,
Experience of openness, and its ramifications on either end,
So much love it could never in a life-time be spent;
The ramparts of rent and paying its dues, legs more routinely used, steps took to get the shape I’ve always wished I could, manifested in a pauper’s route took;
I learned disappointment, folds upon folds, rejection and ejections from projects and community, like luck had some sort of duty – but pity has no dignity, particularly to self,
Despite any short-comings I am blessed with great wealth;
I learned patience against expediency – good things come to those who wait,
I learned my curiousity to sate,
I learned pleasure and the industry that shall be my daily trade,
I’ve academics graded, found them both wonderful and wanting,
I’ve danced like no one was watching,
I scalded thumb on hot food,
I paid my dues,
I have been most astute.

I am still standing, April, and tonight you are a memory,
And a curious fascination as to how next year you’ll be.


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