Journal – Ketchup

Been a couple not-so-busy, and a couple busy days. Took a recoup day on Sunday, stayed in and watched Voyager on Amazon Prime, slept, and added to my tally.

Yesterday my love and I took a walk off of Lake Mead, by the old railroad tracks which were built during The New Deal and which since have been torn up and turned into a recreation area. The view from up there is beautiful. The tunnels they made in the mountains for the train to pass through are still there too, are majestic and speak of human will and determination, and have become a haven for Mexican free-tail bats.

Amanda and I discovered that point somewhat to our detriment when we had to pass through a cluster at the first tunnel. We walked slowly at first until something fell on me, then we booked it, despite her poor choice of footwear for the walk and her earlier insistence that she does not run. On the way back I gave her my camel back to protect her from falling flying rodents.

Once we got done with our walk, which was sweet, holding hands and talking about life and experiences and insecurities, we high-tailed it back to town where I had our first rehearsal for my Fringe Festival show. It went exceedingly well, despite taking a little longer than I anticipated or wanted.

Today I biked to work, from Tropicana and Eastern to the Stratosphere: only took half an hour. Work went well: sold my first upscale toy to a Brit who got it for him and his girlfriend back in England. Made a mannequin display too – feeling productive.

After work I biked to UNLV, and am about to meet a friend for dinner, open mike after. Perhaps some snuggling later if I’m lucky.


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