Despite every moment that has come before,
Your love is not expected, but earned,
With each devoted act I do,
I am drawing closer to you;
But tomorrow’s promised no one,
So I will love you for today,
Though I think about our future,
And I very deeply want you to stay,
I want to say I appreciate you,
Every tenderness you show me,
We fell in love like we fall asleep,
All at once after nodding off slowly,
I want you to hold me, console me,
Because through all my strife,
You stay beside me with every stride;
So much pride, so wilful,
Turn me down but never in a dismissal;
Every epistle could be whittled to sing your praise,
As we go from one movement to the next phrase,
As we move from this moment to the next phase.


One response to “Unpossessed

  1. Love it!

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