Prayer for Rain

Bring on rain,
Those torrential precipitations that ravaged elsewhere this year,
Bring the storm clouds gushing over-full to drench the fuel for this fire.

This conflagration that congests the air –
Burned beauty scorching sky;
All part of the cycle, a frightening part of it,
That pushes away animals, that bursts open pinecones,
That sends warriors up the mountain to extinguish it:
Let them stay safe, let the weather quench them,
A baptism in ash and water.

Let the air clear, may it be calm and quiet,
Not crackling in fiercely firing wood,
Popping for resin burning hotter,
Let the hush lay flat upon it,
Smothering out into smoking,
Let the water lay it onto the ground,
May the mountain find again tranquility swiftly
So that it may begin healing.


One response to “Prayer for Rain

  1. Amen.

    These fires are terrifying. I second your eloquent request to “Bring on rain”.

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