Auto Correct

This poem was written utilizing auto correct. Any mistake the function made in writing the poem was kept in: rhymes were attempted to be maintained with the mangled thoughts. Enjoy.

Handle with care, my sweet reappears,
Directing my via crested ambition,
Ecologists emption, redemption in a reflex,
Excesses of sUede,
Ungraded, enough, genre and yet tooth,
Truth endures, pre and attire,
Muted in fir, pour, favored,
Every moment savored,
I am, a skene to you,
Drink deeply, dating,
Fates surface serene and subtlety,
surrender suspiciously, festive favorite,
Wait and save the date with,
Explicit, more overwrought,
My spill garth been caught,
Bought and bartered, corrugated,
Accordion paper works devastated by the believe able tightly,
Altogether rightly.

This machine cannot transpose the joy to have you in my world.


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