Knee-jerk, extracted all our wetworks,
heart hurts, reflexively assertive,
unplanned, just malaise of butt-hurt feelings,
left the both  of us reeling,
packed the good times in the ceiling attic,
turned our future plans to static,
acting erratic and shifting into manic;
I said I wanted to go but through my teeth I lied,
now I’m wishing for a psycho-cide,
die, Id, die.

It was pride that cut the string,
and with it did I bring emotions in a sling:
it was stunted, old times being hunted,
now I’m shunted by the brunt of the haunted,
gauntlet thrown, now she’s moving on her own,
her fortune is her home,
while I sit alone and moan of the mistake I made the other day,
wish it’d fade away like the dreams that ghost as I awake,
I was faking, my heart was savage breaking,
ripples on the lake now a tempest and my graving.

I was saving her, sacrificing me,
I am cast from cliff, no serenity,
the sky is mine but it’s only gray,
I am dying now, alone, afraid,
I have braided this, like challah, and extracted,
the best of it and threw it in the fire,
so there is no blame to bandy ’bout,
my words cut out the protests of her mouth,
and it was devotion that saw me state the phrase,
but I wish there was a potion that would take back these past two days,
that this brazier would burn away the darkness packed around this chest,
that somehow I could fix this mess,
see her to attest that I was wrong,
now these days are all too long,
that she bears the tongs with her sweet song,
that’d save the soul in fire all along.

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