Repairing the fragment parts of this tattered heart
With veins of gold to pulse purpose to these joints
Once jovial, now neptunian,
Traversing an underworld of your absence and hoping that soon again
Patience will pay forward
A farthing worth a fraction
Of the pound of flesh cut out of side when
In an aggravated state we split ourselves from aggregate when I set myself as magistrate and deigned to judge too much,
Now these pieces are being put together in a warmer hush unrushed,
More beautiful for the shattering and taken time to find those portions that sent scattering selves from off the shelf that stored our sanctioned sanctity, a bowl that held all our hallowed wealth.

It will be more beautiful for the cracking,
those imperfections coursing through its’ ceramic, a symbol,
Devotion and dedication by making matters simple.


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