Apple Turnover

Apple, turn over a new leaf,
surcease from grief,
make your peace, your pain release,
you might be diced and stuffed in pastry,
but complaints just have your life now wasting,
better to be tasting the sweet succor in your surroundings,
you’re not a stew,
to brood, your troubles you’re compounding,
resounding and astounding,
the temperament you’re caught in,
caught in the complex that the world would keep on turning,
turn over a new leaf, there’s more for you to see,
the triviality of your grief you ought not believe.

Do not steep in the symptoms of the syndrome you have cobbled,
that turns you to a hunchback hobbled,
these handicaps are self-imposed and implausible,
a self-set obstacle,
imagine what is possible,
it is mindset that is the present precedent,
so do not linger here,
make happiness your residence,
and silence what you feel of fear.

You have known this from the ever-loving start,
no one but you can break your own heart,
and though you departed you yet can mend it,
neighbors are even better with fixed fences,
and when did it ever warrant a worry,
get done with this impudence early,
the hurly-burly waits for your valor,
because only you can make your own happily ever after.


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