Behind my eyes there is slumber seeking to surface and press my lids shut,
The sharpness of respite’s insistence is intermittent,
With tasks encroaching on the standing sleep threatening to engulf me.

There is a bed unfolding beneath me,
It is covers cool in an autumn day an arranged and beckoning glade
Gladdened by my presence on them,
They unfurl alive and wrap me up as I surrender
To reveries and revolutions in dreams
That spring to life.

There is darkness falling on my mind,
The kind that is total, not a single stitch of light
That might disturb the prone position that I herein find,
And kindness would let me stay entombed to noon, that rest may find me waking,
Refreshed and ready for my fortunes taking
But sleep is light and now the pacing start again in time.


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