In our whole relationship I only asked for two things,
and a threesome for my birthday.

She could not abide either
Because she is a hedonist, wrapped in her own pleasure,
Even her generosity is for her own enjoyment,
And it is easier for her to lie than face truth and consequences.

It was easier to say she would seek out my pleasure all the while engaging in appeasing her own,
Repeatedly, trying to seek it out discretely,
And always making the same mistake.

Now she insists that she misses me,
Insists she still loves me,
But in none of her words any stock am I entrusting,
So her laments fall on deaf ears,
Her apologies perceived as insincere,
And her tears and her sorrow I know are at her being caught,
Not at the heartache and anger she’s wrought,
Because she’s not heartsick from lying to me,
At causing me grief,
But from losing her plaything by seeing her “friend,”
Who broke off plans with me for the night to with him spend,
And the next day as I was leaving she stood there stamping her feet,
A petulant child left alone by her cheat.


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