Our Love

Our love is:
Libidinous, ravenous,
Bound to bed by rope to wrists;
Playful, joyful,
Smiles all sly and soulful;
Intellectual, effectual,
Pragmatic and respectable,
Healthy as a vegetable,
Winding round as Escher would.

Our love is:
Klimt wrapped in a kiss,
Melting clocks Dali would twist,
Picasso in a dream where fingers dance around the syllabus;
It is symphonies compounding to crescendo in a sound wave like Liszt might play,
Wondrous how the notes can save the score until another day.

Our love is:
Finding humor where it’s hard to grasp,
Hand dexterously an eye unclasps,
It is gasps in twilight, daytime, wherever it might be tried and had;
Experimental, experiential,
Ecological in both practice and potential,
Eventual, unaccountable,
It takes on every obstacle and still stands,
Because she is mine and I’m her man.


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