Some Days

“Some days you’ll feel like writing more than others. The key is to write even when you don’t feel like it.”

“But I’ll just end up with crap, no? Useless stuff that I’ll just trash because it’s worthless, right?”

“Nothing is worthless if it serves a purpose, and the purpose is to write everyday.”

“Even drivel that doesn’t matter?”

“Especially the drivel. You want to get it out of you so you can focus of the things you do want to write. If you keep it in, and if you don’t hone your craft, all you’ll ever come up with is drivel.”

The wind blew through the nook of the coffee shop they were sitting in, a cappuccino and chai tea latte before them, as they picked up their notebooks and began to scrawl terrible stories that went nowhere and said nothing but was useful all the while.


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