Ice – *Mature Content*

It was hot, sweltering, the temperature soaring into the triple digits and it was impossible to stay truly cool. They were in the shade, in a wading pool filled with pillows, and a misting fan was being passed around the five women and two men that sat melting in the morning heat. It was at a communal camping event and with it came a batch of free bags of ice but there was too much to consume, so each individual had a bag of ice they were cooling their food and drinks with but they kept being offered more by the organizers of the event who were driving around on golf carts asking any and every one that they encountered if they needed more.

A sixth woman, a friend, she ambled up to the cushy pool with a bag of ice in tow, placed it outside the tub, and joined the over-warm cuddle that was overtaking the pool. One of the men listened to the conversation, which was circular and tended to revolve around the heat of the day already, and pulled at the bag of ice, punctured it, put his hand in and pulled forth from it a handful of the cold cubes. One of the women in the pile was his lover and so he took one piece and ran it across her collarbone and neck and brushed it over her head and the beads of it melting rolled into her hair.

He passed around cubes and soon everyone was cooling themselves and each other, and one of the girls: drunkenly belligerent, bisexual, and with a hungry penchant for the lover who was initially cooled, placed an ice cube on the lover’s breasts and between her legs, and so the cooling party became orgiastic.

Fingers sought clothes and peeled them off and hands groped at breasts and waists and stomachs and hips, tongues found each other and tumbled recklessly around, and lips found necks and nipples and the nape that separates hips from the serene and sweet sex the women shared. And the lover, instigator that he was, took two ice cubes and ran them over his lady’s legs and cupped them into the souls of her feet and she shuddered then as if she were coming, for he knew she could come from her nipples and nibbling and her feet, and if she didn’t come then, it fooled everyone in the pool, for the fervor increased then and the fever broke, and fingertips found clitorises then, and the lover slipped his finger into her and curled into her g-spot, and a brown girl stripped herself, black curly hair caressing her mocha nipples and tan breasts, her short bush barely covering her arousal as her boyfriend watched her playing.

And the instigator continued to massage inside his lover, and she shuddered and sighed and demanded it quicker, and when two women abandoned the pile – it had gotten too hot, or had not gotten enough attention, or in the case of the belligerent drunk too much of it for her insobriety – he laid beside her and kissed her, and spoke sex into her ear, and when she came, she announced it loudly, so the observers knew it, and those who didn’t know it were made aware, and the lover melted into a puddle of satisfaction only momentarily satiated.

Then she turned and took residence between the brown girl’s thighs, rubbing lightly outside of her, on her hood, kissing her with a force of lust her partner had never seen before. Their tongues danced, and mocha nipples went pert and were licked and iced and eventually she came too, ecstatic yet much quieter than the first. Suddenly the world came back into focus and men and women were staring at the two, only one woman was dissatisfied and annoyed by the public display, and maybe the two male semi-participants who might have wanted more of a hand in the matter.

It was done though, and soon dissolved into a pity-fest for a girl who had arrived late and couldn’t find where to participate and who pouted and said she wanted to play. The instigator left then, both satisfied to a degree and disenfranchised to another, and made breakfast for his lover, knowing how hungry she would be and because he loved her and loved to take care of her, even if it meant relinquishing her ecstasy into others’ hands. They would make love that night, with visions of women and the feel of their phantom hands all over their bodies.


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