The Show Must Go On

The motor that operated the stage fried sometime during the test run – it should have been a simple thing, just putting it through its paces, but now it was dead. With only an hour until the show was supposed to start, technicians were working frantically to replace the master device that operated the whole adjustable catwalk that served as the setting for the whole show. More than a piece of machinery, the raising and lowering platform was a character in the performance, taking new and exciting configuration for each act that played upon it in the variety show.

Nerves were blaring and tempers flew but teamwork won over all. With fifteen minutes to spare, the machine was replaced. The technicians and the performers and the musicians, the stage hands and the stage managers and the director and choreographer waited with bated breath as the board operators activated the thing again and it sprung to life. The show went on and none of the audience was ever the wiser that they nearly missed the show.


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